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Microfiber Sheets - Year round starting in the Fall

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Sheets Fundraiser Information

Current On-going Fundraiser: Bed Sheets
Will begin again once school is in session.

What are microfiber bed sheets?

Microfiber is a man-made high strength micro-polyester yarn used in producing many products such as bed sheets, clothing and garments.  Microfiber sheets are also durable, long- lasting and made to be wrinkle free.  Bed sheets made with microfibers provide good insulation, are stain-resistant, impermeable, breathable, and wash easily.   Many retail stores sell microfiber sheets, which are becoming very popular due to their strength, durability and price.  We strongly believe Microfiber is the future of the bedding business as it is of better quality than cotton at a fraction of the cost!  

Why Bed sheets?
Simply put: Everybody needs sheets for their bed.  Every home has at least one bed; most homes have three to four beds.  Bed sheets provide a fundraising product that people really need and want.  The bed sheets won't melt, rot, expire or break and they make great gifts as well. Think about the last time you bought something from a fundraiser that you actually needed.  Were you able to think of one?    

What makes us different from other fundraisers?
Most fundraisers sell the same five products which are overpriced and not really wanted or needed.  You simply purchase the product to support your group.  With bed sheets people actually want them because of the quality, color choice and price. 

Not every organization is selling sheets!  Bed sheets typically are shipped 72 hours after ordering (excluding weekends), so no more waiting 6-8 weeks for goods!

What comes in the bed sheet set?
The bed sheets come with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillow cases.

What colors do the sheets come in?
Camel (Gold)                     Grey      
White                                 Black 
Crème                               Dark Crème 
Sage (Dark green)            Eggplant (Purple) 
Chocolate (Brown)            Burgundy (Red)
Navy (Dark blue)               Aqua (Light blue)

New this year:   Mint (Light Green) 

What sizes do the sheets come?
King, Queen, Full and Twin

How much do they cost?
King ($45), Queen ($40), Full ($35) and Twin ($30)
* Add $1 to each set ordering via Paypal to cover Paypal cost.

Will the sheets fit my mattress?
Sheets are brushed on both sides to help hold securely on bed.

How do we order?
Paypal (see below), order forms will be at the front office or contact a student/ Mr. Montauk for an order form in order to pay by cash, check or money order.

How long does it take to get our order?
Orders will be called in twice a month on the Fridays after the 1st and 15th until the end of April.  Orders are typically processed and shipped out within 72 hours from the company. *Unless acts of nature occur,

How often can we order?
Order as often as you want;  We operate year round!