~ No experience needed

~ Two class periods; combined for performances

~ Semester course that meets daily


Basic Music Vocabulary List

  Treble Clef- G clef
  Bass Clef- F clef

 Accent- Emphasize the note ( > )
 Bar Line- divides staff into measures ( | )
 Breath Mark - take a breath ( ' )
 Da Capo (D.C.)- Back to the top. At this sign, return 

   to the beginning, then continue playing

 Del Segno (D.S.)- At this sign, return to the sign, 

   then continue playing

 Fermata- Hold the note, watch the director

 Fine- Finished, the end
 First/ Second Ending- play 1st ending first time 

   through; then, repeat music, skip first ending, 

   continue on to 2nd ending 

 Flat- lowers the pitch of a note 1/2 step ( b )
 Grand Staff- the treble and bass staff combined
 Key Signature- sharps or flats written after the clef
 Leger Line- short line used to extend the staff ( - )
 Natural- cancels a flat or sharp
 Repeat- double-dotted bar line meaning to repeat a

   section or division of music (|:   :|)

 Sharp- raises the pitch of a note 1/2 step ( # )
 Slur- curved line that connects two or more notes of 

   different pitches; only articulate the first pitch

 Soli- whole section plays
 Solo- one person plays
 Tie- curved line that connects two notes of the same 

   pitch; extends one pitch; only tongue first note
 Tutti- everyone plays
 Unison- everyone plays the same notes and rhythms

 Articulation- type of attack used to play a note or   

  group of notes
 Staccato- dot placed above or below note meaning to   play separated (short) and detached (.)

Arpeggios- The notes of a chord played in succession 

  ( 1 - 3 - 5 - 8 )                                     

Enharmonic- notes that sound the same but are written differently (G# = Ab)
Interval- distance between two notes
Measure- space between two bar lines ( |         | )
Melody- an organized succession of tones
Phrase- musical thought or sentence

Scale - succession on notes in a particular pattern; 

  common are Major, Minor, Chromatic. 

Whole - 4 beats

Half - 2 beats

Quarter - 1 beat

Eighth - 1/2 beat

Sixteenth - 1/4 beat

Dotted notes - extends the length of a note/rest by half its value.

Dotted Whole - 6 beats

Dotted Half - 3 beats

Dotted Quarter -  1 1/2 beats


Tempo- speed of music

Adagio- Slowly, leisurely; slower than andante
Allegro- Quick and lively
Andante- Moderately slow
Largo- slow
Moderato- moderate speed ( normal walking speed)
Ritardando- gradually slow the tempo

Common Time - Same thing as 4/4 time
Time Signature - top number tells you number of 

  counts in each measure; bottom number tells you 

  the type of receives one count (Whole = 1, Half = 2, Quarter = 4, Eighth = 8, ...)

Crescendo - Get gradually louder
Decrescendo - Gradually get softer
Dynamics - The volume of music
Fortissimo (ff) - very strong (loud)

Forte (f) - strong (loud)
Mezzo-Forte (mf) - medium strong (loud)
Mezzo-Piano (mp) - medium soft
Piano (p) - soft

Pianissimo (pp) - very soft


I would like to welcome you to being apart of the High Springs Music Department: Chorus. With a high standard of education and performance, High Springs has a strong and reputable music department that will continue by including chorus this year. Chorus is open to all students, regardless of previous experience.  Anyone can learn to sing!  Students will learn basic, healthy vocal technique, and they will also explore a wide range of music genres.  I know you will become a valuable member to our program. Please use this handbook to familiarize yourself with our program and procedures.

Team Effort:  The education of each student is a cooperative effort between student, teacher, and parent/guardian.  This program would not be successful without the wonderful support and hard work of our parent/guardian(s).  I look forward to working with the students and parent/guardian(s) this year.

Musically yours,

Mr. Vito Montauk

Musical Information

Winter Musical: 

North Pole Goes Rock And Roll


  * Two acts

  * about 40 minutes (includes a brief intermission)

  * Roles

     ~ Chorus

     ~ Santa Claus / Mr. C

     ~ Mrs. Claus  / Mrs. C

     ~ Traditional / Hip Elves 1-6

     ~ Children 1-6

     ~ Delivery person

     ~ Guide person


Song practice tracks: Coming Soon

   1.  What can he be?

   2.  Jingle Bells (JB4)

   3.  Blahs, Mrs. Claus

   4.  We're Gonna Have Company

   5.  Must be a Joke

   6.  Jingle Bells (JB12)

   7.  Jingle Bell Rock

Costume information: Coming soon

  Chorus - PENDING (Possible wear nice clothes in a winter color scheme, holiday hats or dress like 

                  elevs, children)


  Santa - 50's style white-color uniform; red polo/button down shirt, khakis, festive socks, santa hat, 

              belt, beard, dress shoes


  Mrs. Claus - Traditional, dress, glasses, etc.

  Mr. C - Leather jacket/black jacket, jeans, white socks, black shoes 


  Mrs. C - 50's hip; poodle skirt w/ blouse, socks, shoes

  Traditional Elves - PENDING (ideas include suspenders, santa hats or elf ears/hats, rolled-up jeans, 

       funky/ ugly sweater, funky/ mixed-matched shoes, work aprons (maybe Home Depot or Lowes)) 

  Hip Elves - White shirt, jeans, white socks, sneakers/black shoes, elf ears/hats, work aprons

  Children - HSCS shirt (school preferred, jersey, anything that has HSCS on it) or HSCS hoodie, jeans, 


  Delivery person - 50's style delivery person; light top, dark bottom, dark shoes/socks, hat

  Guide person - 50's office worker, holiday festive



  Christmas tree - Received (Mr. M)

  Juke Box - NEED TO MAKE, (Miss Sweat supplied the backdrop)

  Toys - Received (Mr. M)

  Table/Chairs - Received (HSCS)

  Fireplace - Received (via Mrs. Taylor and the Nutcracker)

  Soda Pop machine - NEED

  Soda Pop bottles - Received (Miss Sweat)

  Christmas decorations - Received (Mr. M)

  Skateboard or Hoverboard - Skateboard- Received (Mr. M), Hoverboard - PENDING

  Football - Received (Mr. M)

  Bucket - Received  (Mr. M)

  Cleaning supplies - Broom, rags,  - NEED (Will ask Mr. Merricks)

  Leather jacket for delivery - Received (Mrs. M)


   * During class

   * During lunch

   * Day of performance


   * One night only, Tuesday, December 13th beginning at 6:30pm at HSCS in the cafeteria.

   * Free and Open to the public; just asking for food, clothes or wrapped gift donations that will 

      be donated to local charities.

Other info: 

   * Students must turn-in their costume in a bag with their name by Friday, Dec. 9th.

   * Students will be required to stay after school and will be fed.

        * Mr. Montauk will supply pizza, plates, paper goods, ice

        * 4th pd will supply healthy/kinda healthy snacks,fruit/veg. tray, chips/cookies; one per person

        * 5th pd will supply drinks (case of water or 12 pack of name/off brand cola); one per person

* ALL STUDENTS MUST ATTEND, they have been working since August to showcase their hard work and how would it be fair if one or more people failed to show.  It  could jeopardize the entire production.

Previous Assignments

Listening Log Selections for Quiz #1

~ Seikilos - Song of Seikilos

~ Hildegard Von Bringen – O Rubor Songuinis

~ Palestrina – O Magnum Mysterium

~ Dunstable – Ave Maris Stekka

~ Machaut – Notre Dame Mass

~ Henry VIII – Pastime with good company

~ William Byrd – Ave Verum Chorus

Listening Log #2

~ A. Vivalidi - Spring from Four Seasons
~ G.F. Handel - The Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah 
~ J.S. Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D minor