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2015 - 2016 Band Parent Officers

Current Openings

Office                      Name      Contact here if interested 

President               Available

Vice-President       Available

Secretary               Available

Treasurer 1           Available (May not be SBAC employed)

Treasurer 2           Available (May not be SBAC employed)

Dir. of Bands          Vito Montauk

Meetings Dates  

Currently creating a schedule that will allow the best opportunity for all members to attend.  There will at least two night time meeting and some daytime meetings.  Information will be on the website as well as e-mail to our membership.

Sept. @ TBA       Nov. @ TBA      

Feb. @ TBA       Apr. @ TBA      May @ TBA      



Will be sent to e-mail on file and are also available upon request.


The mission of the High Springs Community School Band Parent Association (HSCS-BPA) is to promote excellence in education through support of an outstanding band program. We believe that a great band program develops the physical, mental, and spiritual gifts of our students. The discipline learned and the work habits rehearsed serve the band members for the balance of their life. 

How do the HSCS-BPA support the program?

     Serve as the guarantor for financial transactions with musical supply and service organizations. This means that we collect fees from students and their parent(s)/ guardian(s), but right one check to the vendor(s). This simplifies the interaction with the band for the vendors and makes them more prone to do business with us, usually at a lower cost to both parties. These fee collections are NOT fundraisers and we do our best to set the fees at the 'break even' point.

     Raise funds to pay for or subsidize music education personnel and equipment. This means that we canvas local businesses, conduct auctions, and sell lots and lots and lots onions!  We spend this money on consultants, master class instruction, musical scores, equipment, instrument repair, and lots and lots and lots of other musical education related expenses.

     Encourage and support each other as we prepare our students through the first phases of their education before start high school. You would be amazed at the quality and quantity of advice and information one can get while dispensing refreshments at the MPA celebration or selling/ handing out concert programs.  Overall we are here for the students and the director. 

Join Us by attending our meetings, become a member on the board and/or volunteering.

Contribute either your time or your monetary contributions.  Help us support the faculty‚Äôs efforts, meet the challenge of growth, and replace out-dated equipment and music. All HSCS band students will benefit by your contribution.

Contributions to the HSCS Band Parents help fund essential band department expenses such as:

  • Purchase and repair of instruments
  • Purchase of music
  • Transportation to musical events
  • Support all band activities
  • Concert programs
  • Publicity and special events
  • Guest Consultants

Contact one of the Board Members for information on how to make contribution to help the HSCS Bands.

Booster By-Laws:

Currently updating - will appear soon.

Top 10 Ways You Can Show Your Support:

1.  Attend performances.
2.  Be an active BPA member: seek out ways to help.

3.  Attend meetings.

4.  Encourage home practice. 

5.  Provide lessons when possible. 

6.  Get involved with all the band programs, not just the band in which your student participates. 

7.  Ask your student to play for you. 

8.  Enthusiastically support your student and your bands! 

9.  Encourage student's involvement in helping out with fundraising, showing band newcomers the ropes, etc. 

10.  Take advantage of the opportunities for development that the band experience offers.