Over the years the Middle Grades Music Department at High Springs Community School, under the direction of Mr. Montauk, has included up to three full-time band classes: Beginning Band, Concert Band, and Symphonic Band with an additional after-school Jazz Band or Chorus, a semester Chorus, Winterguard and Percussion Ensemble. To further their musicianship, S-A-M-P-I-L-S, is infused throughout the curriculum. 

Sonority: Balance, Blend, Characteristic Tone Quality
Articulation: Beginnings of Notes, Releases of Notes, Stylistic Articulation
Musicianship: Dynamic Contrast, Range of Expression, Style, Phrasing, Interpretation
Personal Practice: Rhythmic Interpretation, Note Accuracy, Sticking
Intonation: Melodic Intonation, Harmonic Intonation, Tuning of Drum Heads/ Instruments

  1. Meets daily during the school day for the whole year.
  2. Open to all 6-8th graders; No experience required.
  3. Concert band instruments available to explore and then one must be selected: 
       a) Woodwinds
            flute, clarinet, saxophone
       b) Brass
 French horn, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba
       c) Percussio
             1. by audition
             2. requires a Bellkit available for rent at local Gainesville music shops, HSCS does not have any to rent.
             3. Learns the mallets first and then will add snare drum, bass drum, and then the rest.  Will also include drumset at the end of the year.
4. Focus is on various skills that include: development of fundamental skills related to posture, breathing, embouchure, fingerings, counting, music reading, and 
     overall tone production to truly understand and appreciate the foundation of music as well as the aesthetics.
5. Performances include Alachua and High Springs Winter Parades, Winter and Spring Concerts, and the High Springs Music in the Parks Concert Series in May. 
6. Instrument, various supplies and a nominal fee will be required.
1. Meets everyday during school.
2. Comprised of auditioned 6th, 7th and 8th grade students with experience on a concert band instrument.
3. Perform various music ranging from classical to popular. 
4. Emphasis is placed on the study of harmony, scales, rhythms, posture, breathing, embouchure, music reading, and tone production. 
5. Performances include but not limited to:
     a) Middle School Night at SFHS
     b) Veteran's Day performance
     c) Alachua and High Springs Winter Parades
     d) Florida Bandmasters Association Music Performance Evaluation
     e) High Springs Music in the Park Concert Series in May
     f) Winter and Spring Concerts 
6. After school rehearsals will be required at times. 
7. All students are highly encouraged to participate / audition for All-State and All-County honor bands and Solo and Ensemble. 
8. Instrument, various supplies and nominal fees will be required.


1. Will meet Tuesday and Thursdays from 2-3:30pm.

2. Auditions are Open to ALL 6th, 7th and 8th graders. No experience required.

3. Nominal fees and supplies will be required.

4. Will perform at Solo and Ensemble Assessment in February.

Percussion Ensemble

1. Will meet Mondays from 2-3:30pm.

2. Auditions open to all currently enrolled band members.

3. Non-percussionist may audition. Current Percussionist should plan to attend.

4. Nominal fees and supplies will be required.

5. Will perform at Solo and Ensemble Assessment in February.


1. Meets daily for only one semester.

2. Open to ALL 6-8th grade students.

3. Focus is to explore various types of vocal music while learning to develop one's own voice in an ensemble setting.

4. Performances include either a afterschhol Winter Concert or Spring Concert.