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Brass Care

Brass Instrument Rules

Rule #1-Attention all mechanically-minded adults-No matter how many tools you own, and can actually use proficiently, DO NOT take any sort of plier, wrench, vise grip, hammer, clamp, clipper, file, hacksaw, drill or steamroller to your child's brass instrument! No matter how much something is stuck. The brass is soft. It will scratch, it will bend, it will break. Trust me. I've played trumpet for over 25 years and I've broken Rule #1 and paid for it many times over...

Rule #2-Attention all non- mechanically-minded adults-See Rule #1.

Rule #3-Do not completely disassemble the instrument. (kids and/or adults) No matter how much you like puzzles. The trumpet will easily come apart into 9 or 10 pieces. Almost 30, if you take the valves apart. It's not as easy to get back together. Trust me. I will have an afternoon/evening session to show you how to do basic maintenance later in the year.

Rule #4-DO NOT use ANY type of cleaning product on the instruments. This includes: silver polish, Tarn-x, Brasso, Windex, Fantastik, Ajax, dishsoap, and/or steel wool. A soft cloth or an old T-shirt will work fine. MAYBE a SMALL amount of water or your breath. Even though my trumpet looks horrible at times, none of the above has been used on it.

Other general guidelines:
-The horns are not axes. Don't swing them around.
-If you're oiling the valves, pull one slide out at a time.
-Hold the valve down when pulling out or putting in a slide.
-Trombones-make sure the slide is LOCKED when not playing.
-I have a mouthpiece puller for WHEN the mouthpiece is stuck. (See rules #1 or 2)

And remember, if you have ANY questions regarding the instruments, please email me!


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