Currently Working On

Long Term Goals (by the 2015-2018 school year)

1.  Institute a full-time String/ Guitar/ or Choral program at HSCS. (Achieved; add two Chorus semester classes)

2.  Increase membership in Band program to constitute a full-music program including Beginning Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, and String/ Guitar/ or Choral class. (IN PROGRESS: Currently 80% music; two band andtwo chorus classes offered.)

3.  Purchase and install a Keyboard/Computer lab to be used by all students of the band. (ACHIEVED-Computer lab of 5 computers)

4.  Purchase Smartboard technology for use in the Band room. (visit for info) (ACHIEVED: checked out from the Media Center)

5.  Renovate Band room. (IN PROGRESS: locker room)

6.  Commission a piece to be composed by a well-known composer specifically for the HSCS Band. 
Cost: $500 - $2,000 (Have not achieved.)


2008 - 2018

This is a list of goals that have been set out by the High Springs Community School Band program. These goals have been outlined below for the Short term (this school year), Medium term (within the next 3 years) and Long term (the next decade).

As you will see there are some very realistic goals coupled with various lofty goals.  It is our intention in the High Springs Band program to do our best to achieve most if not all of these goals. That will only be possible with the support of the High Springs extended family and those supporters interested in a high quality music education for the students of our community.

If you have any feedback or ideas that would help us in achieving these various goals or securing any necessary financial resources, please contact Mr. Montauk at (386) 454-1958 x226 or via E-mail.

Short Term Goals (2008-2010 school year)

1.  Each student should progress to the next successive level of their music course. (Achieved; on going)

2.  Replace Sound/Stereo System in Band room. 

- Cost: $800 - $1200
This would assist in our ability to listen to professional recordings of bands and individual musicians.  Also, it would allow us the opportunity to record ourselves for further evaluations and provide good sound quality when listening to the recordings of our rehearsals. (Did not achieve; IN PROGRESS)

3. Purchase recording audio/ video equipment. 

- Cost: Unknown

This would allow for us to evaluate our rehearsals and performances to enhance our quality of growth.  We will also be able to capture our performances and create DVDs and CDs that would allow us to participate in events throughout the nation. (Mini-achievement; Received two mini-recorders for class recording, upgraded microphone, new laptop to record/mix; IN PROGRESS)

4.  Afford our music ensembles various opportunities to be taught/conducted by other professional music educators. This gives the student and teacher many perspectives on the performance of each ensemble. (ACHIEVED: Ongoing)

5.  Superior or Excellent ratings for all students that participate in the Middle School Solo and Ensemble Festival. (ACHIEVED: Ongoing)

6.  Representation in the All-County and All-State Bands. (ACHIEVED: Ongoing)

7.  An Overall Superior or Excellent rating at Concert Band Music Performance Assessment. (ACHIEVED Excellent Ratings '08, '10, '11, '14)

8. Purchase music stand holders for transporting stands for performances. (ACHIEVED)

Medium Term Goals (by the 2010-2015 school year)

1.  Increase membership in the Band program by 30%. (IN PROGRESS)

(Membership: 07/08 = 8 full-time students; 

8/9 = 88; 9/10 = 98; 10/11 = 71; 11/12 = 97; 12/13 =105; 13/14 = 115, 14/15 = )

2.  Establish 3 full-time band ensembles: Beginning, Concert, Symphonic (ACHIEVED: Ongoing in 11/12, Lost Concert and gained another Beginning.  12/13 Regained Concert Band; still three bands)

3.  Matching Band Folders for students. (IN PROGRESS: Currently using paper, hoping to upgrade)

4.  Ten Tuners/ Metronomes for students to check out and practice with. (IN  PROGRESS Currently 5 Tuner/Metronomes)

5.  Replace and refurbish the instrument storage room to include new Wenger lockers for safety and security purposes.  (Did not achieve.)

Cost: Unknown at this time. 

6.  Replace our Music chairs and Music stands, as needed, with new Wenger chairs and Manhassett stands. (IN PROGRESS: Purchased 20 new stands)

7.  Create a mentoring program with advanced middle school students and high school students to help develop the talents and musicianship of all our band members. 


8.  Produce a CD recording of High Springs musical ensembles to be sold as a fundraiser for the Band Department. (Did not achieve.)

Cost: ~$1500

9.  Organize a HSCS/ Spring Hill MS Alumni Band culminating in a performance by the Alumni and HSCS ensembles. (IN PROGRESS; Currently Alumni have been performing with the Beginning Band during Beethoven's Ninth)